Guidelines for SARVAC AdventureSmart Stipend

The AdventureSmart Stipend is back!

The purpose behind the stipend is to help offset minor travel and meal costs when delivering AdventureSmart programs (for parking, mileage and or meals over lunch time etc.) as no other cost are reimbursed.

For teams to qualify for the stipend they must meet these guidelines.

  • Be associated with a recognized SAR team participating in AdventureSmart programs.
  • Teams have to provide an in-person program presentation. Trade-shows, trailheads, etc. do not count, nor do program presentations at SAR workshops (regional GSAR workshops/AGM’s) or online presentations.
  • Teams must complete 5 program presentations in order to qualify for the $250 stipend. Ten presentations will qualify the team for a second $250 stipend, with a yearly maximum of $500 per team.
  • The presentations must be on separate dates and/or locations.
  • The reports indicating what program was delivered and to whom must be properly entered into the AdventureSmart website.
  • Only presentations between April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 will qualify for 2022-2023 funding.
  • Teams can submit directly to National SARVAC Prevention Coordinator or through their provincial AdventureSmart coordinator. Status of all request (approved/denied) will be copied to respective coordinators.

If a team believes they are entitled to the stipend, please ask them to contact the National Coordinators office:

If a team believes they are entitled to the stipend, please pass along my contact information to that team and ask them to contact me.  If all the guidelines are met, the team will receive a cheque totalling $250 with a yearly maximum of $500. Please note that stipend funds are limited and requests will be processed on a first come first serve basis.