Board Representatives and Executive Members

On behalf of the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada we would like to thank our outgoing executive members and extend a warm welcome to the incoming executive members into their seats that were previously announced at the Annual General Meeting on October 16th 2021.

Our current Board Members and their seats:

Janelle Coultes             President/Ontario Search and Rescue Volunteer Association

Guy Lapointe                 Vice-President/Association québécoise des bénévoles

                                        en recherche et sauvetage

Bobbi Buchanan            Secretary/Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers

Trent Blair                       Treasurer/British Columbia Search and Rescue Association

Scott Wright                    Past President/Search and Rescue Saskatchewan Association

                                         of Volunteers

Harry Blackmore            Newfoundland and Labrador Search and Rescue Association

David Lussier                  Search and Rescue Manitoba Volunteer Association

Heather Pringle              Prince Edward Island Ground Search and Rescue

Guy Kerr                          Search and Rescue Alberta

Tom Girrior                      Northwest Territories/ Yellowknife Search and Rescue

Sherry Veinot                  Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue Association

Lorna Knowles-Daley     New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association

Jason Hudson                Yukon Search and Rescue

Jakob Anilniliak              Nunavut Emergency Management