GSAR-NCP National Certification Program (GSAR-NCP)


The process of quality assurance through which an endorsement is granted to a training course. Third party trainers would be the targeted group in the endorsement process. SARVAC is not currently an endorsing body, however the process is under development and is anticipated to be available in fall of 2024.


A process by which a person develops the knowledge, experience, and skills (core competencies) to perform a specific job. The core competencies for a searcher, team leader and SAR manager are identified within the CSA Standard Z1620-15. To achieve National Certification, a GSAR member must be active and registered within a P/T GSAR Association. The applicant must be verified as successfully meeting the GSAR core competencies identified within Z1620-15 for their position by a designated P/T GSAR Assessor.

GSAR Associations Role

  • Be familiar with the GSAR-NCP process, requirements and policies.
  • Understand the purpose/role of the SARVAC Board the GSAR-NCP Administration Office.
  • Identify key training positions within the Association (trainers, training coordinators, assessors).
  • Liaise and involve operational area AHJ’s (police/other) within the GSAR- NCP.

Group/Team Role

  • Ensures training planning/scheduling/facilitation occurs, and the documenting of training records.
  • Incorporates core competencies identified within the CSA Z1620-15 in training curriculum design and SAR training/exercises.
  • Updates past training records as required (members/exercises) to ensure current training standards have been successfully met.
  • Be familiar with the GSAR-NCP process, policies and supporting documents outlined in GSAR-NCP Requirements and Guidelines, 2.1 / 2.2.
  • Work with P/T Association Assessors to assist individuals requiring Accommodations for training and certification.

Individuals Role

  • Successfully complete required SAR training for your position, completing the core competencies identified within the CSA Standard, Z1620-15.
  • Have successfully completed training verified and recorded by a designated Assessor.
  • Apply for National Certification through the GSAR-NCP Administration application process (see attached documents)
  • Personally retain complete and accurate training records to assist with the application process.


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