Labour Day Weekend


It’s that time of year again and Summer is ending. The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, the temperature is cooling and the kids are headed back to school. But we want you to know how that will affect your long weekend ability to be prepared for the outdoors, and how you can help us reduce the number, severity and duration of Search and Rescue calls by…

  • Remembering our 3Ts
    • Trip planning
    • Training
    • Taking the essentials
  • Preparing effectively for the changing weather conditions applicable to your outdoor adventure
    • Know before you go, check the weather forecast, radar often, in advance and dress accordingly
  • Having confidence in the event that you must ‘spend the night’ if necessary
    •  Carry a headlamp or flashlight and do NOT rely on a mobile phone as a navigational aid.
  • Carrying all the proper gear and safety essentials to safely reach your destination
    • Flashlight
    • Fire making kit
    • Whistle or mirror
    • Extra food and water
    • Extra clothing
    • Navigational / communication aids
    • First aid kit
    • Emergency shelter
    • Pocket knife
    • Sun protection
    • Medication/additional items subjective to the individual and activity – the more essentials you have, the better!
  • Knowing the changes in open-seasons for sport specific activities
    • Always carry sport-specific equipment necessary for your trip
  • Tell somebody where you are going

Enjoy the long weekend and if you do get into trouble, think BIG, think 3’s; that’s x3 whistle blasts, x3 mirror flashes, x3 rock piles to signal distress. Ground Search and Rescue Volunteers are prepared and ready when you need to make that call to 911!