GSAR-NACP: Legacy National Certification

We’re proud to officially roll-out the Legacy National Certification as part of our Ground Search and Rescue – National Accreditation and Certification Pilot (GSAR-NACP).

Legacy national certification may be granted to any Searcher upon written request to the GSAR-NACP Administration Office by their Provincial or Territorial Association through the Legacy Application. To be granted legacy, a member should:

As part of the Legacy application, an Assessor MUST attest to the individual’s continued service and training as a Searcher, and that the competency requirements, continued training and experience for Searcher as outlined in CSA Z1620-15 Core competency standards for ground search and rescue operations: Searcher, Team Leader, and SAR Manager have been met (Legacy applications will only be considered until December 31st, 2024). 

Stay tuned for more to come on the GSAR-NACP: Legacy National Certification!