New Brunswick Ground SAR


What began as a letter published in 1983 in the Fredericton newspaper as a desire to have a trained team to respond to lost person emergencies, turned into the creation of the first New Brunswick team on December 20, 1983.  Since it’s initial formation, NB Ground Search and Rescue (NBGSARA) has continued to grow, develop and evolve as technology changes and new information/techniques becomes available.  Currently exists 10 teams strategically located across the province.

Though New Brunswick is only 72,908 sq. kms, it’s known for its dense treeline and temperate flat terrain.  As the luxury of time is not on our side due to the high risk of hypothermia with most any missing person scenario, this greatly increases the need for immediate response from our searchers.

We rely on the 338 members who all have one thing in the common: the desire to help others.  The teams are 100% volunteer operated, which clearly demonstrates the passion and drive of our members.  The training and fundraising is ongoing to maintain the ability to respond during an emergency.

Under the current Memorandum of Understanding with the NB RCMP, the following tasking Agencies can activate our member teams:

–          Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

–          Municipal Police Force

–          Parks Canada


In 2015 members of NBGSARA teams contributed in excess of 20,000 hours to public safety in a variety of ways:

–          Missing person searches

–          Evidence searches

–          Public Awareness through the “Adventure Smart” program, which includes “Hug a Tree” and other education sessions such as “Paddle Smart

–          Training

–          Civilian emergency preparedness & assistance

–          Community partnerships


More information can be found at:

Facebook “NB Ground Search and Rescue”

Twitter @NBGSAR