Remembering Lives Lost: Search and Rescue Volunteer Memorial Day

Today, marks Search and Rescue Volunteer Memorial Day in British Columbia. Representatives from Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, British Columbia Search and Rescue Association, PEP Air, Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Government of British Columbia will meet on the grounds of the BC Legislature this afternoon to pay their respects to those who lost their lives trying to save others.

Search and Rescue Volunteer Memorial Day also honours the contributions of over 4,500 search and rescue volunteer professionals who risk their safety to help those who are injured, stranded or face emergencies on the water, air, and land.

For many in the search and rescue (SAR) field, search and rescue volunteers across the province have met increased calls for help during the pandemic as more people took to nature than in recent years. In 2021, these selfless heroes devoted over 513,000 hours training and responding to tasks day and night, often in challenging conditions.

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