SARSAV is the umbrella organization for all nineteen (19) SAR Chapters provincially; the intent is that as the provincial entity, we deal with all matters SAR with our partners across the province, i.e. RCMP, Parks Canada, CASARA and, of course, Emergency Management & Fire Safety / OFC.


SARSAV is working closely with all of these agencies on a SAR Data Management and SAR Resource Tracking NIF; this is a three (3) year project and at the completion of such will see Saskatchewan SAR with an advanced radio communication systems and SAR Training. This system will provide real time tracking of users in the field at all times, in essence this ability will lessen the amount of radio traffic attempting to locate search parties for coordinates/feedback/updates. With time being of the highest importance during a real time search, we are very excited to see the progress over the life of this project and into the future.

This system should also see the SASK SAR community working alongside our partners with compatibility and clarity.

SARSAV is working close with all provincial chapters to achieve direction, consensus and transparency throughout the year, by holding quarterly meetings to ensure the chapter execs are included in all necessary decisions, as per our standing Bylaws and Constitution.


Lastly – we are always looking for ways to ensure “Best Practices”, which is why the CSA Standards and Competencies are so important as a benchmark, and always look forward to discussions with our provincial counterparts at the SARVAC level and, of course, SARSCENE.

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