Strengthening the Ground SAR Role in Canada

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This weekend, Ground SAR Groups from the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) will have an opportunity to meet in Chilliwack as a part of a SARVAC project funded by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat New Initiatives Funding entitled: “Strengthening the Ground Search and Rescue Role in Canada”.  To date this project has hosted similar provincial workshops in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Yukon and Saskatchewan, with others coming up in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.
The goal of this project is to bring SAR volunteers together in a multi faceted training environment to encourage team building, strengthen relationships and establish new ones.
Many thanks to BCSARA for partnering with SARVAC by providing funding to support travel to this workshop.
The program will include:

SARVAC BC Workshop

Feb 5-7





1900 –                        Welcome BBQ – PRTC


0700-0830    Breakfast

0830-0930   Opening Remarks

SARVAC State of the Union

BC Gov’t Funding Announcement 

0930-1100 – BCSARA Training Officer Guide

1015-1030 – BREAK

1100-1145 – Preparing a Lesson Plan

1200-1300 – LUNCH

1300-1330 – Critical Incident Stress Management

1330-1430 – Joint Health and Safety Committee

1430-1445 – BREAK

1445-1530 – CSA Training Standards 

1530-1615 – Response Assessment and Decision Making Support (RADeMS) Workshop and Gaming Grants

1615-1700 – Alternate Support Model Update 

1800-                         – Dinner and Socializing



0700-0830 – Breakfast

0830-0930 – SAR Group Guidelines

0930-1000 – Command Vehicle Design

1000-1015 – BREAK

1015-1115 – Algoma Insurance Program

1115-1145 – BCSARA Media Team 1145-1200 – Closing Remarks


2016 Feb BC CSA Training Standards ppt

Command Vehicles_Trailers

Health and Safety Committee Update February 2016

RADeMS_PRTC 2016-01-29