Revitalization to Enhance All Hazards Response Project

The Search and Rescue Association of Alberta hosted SARVAC at its quarterly Stakeholder Committee meeting on September 29th in support of the objectives of the “Revitalization to Enhance All Hazards Response Project.” Key members of Alberta’s SAR community were also in attendance including:

This meeting provided the opportunity for SAR Alberta’s stakeholders to understand the problems the provincial SAR portfolio is facing including a lack of authority, minimal capacity, unclear roles and responsibilities, administrative burden, and underfunding.

Due to the high volume of expertise in the room, the meeting was successful in having a clear understanding of the problems and their impact, identifying shifts in policy that would lead towards solutions and the resources needed to effect change.

SAR Alberta is taking this information back to the Project working groups’ to enhance and then share with the Government of Alberta in support of SAR Alberta’s chosen model of being a Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO).

SAR Alberta is looking forward to hosting the next meeting in the new year and providing updates on the Project’s progress!